Its good to be back after a double duty expedition push in the Himalaya... First off was the "Caves of Mustang" adventure in Nepal. We worked hard to explore more of the thousands of cliff-cave systems and discovered significant things that should stir up the historical record for high himalayan culture. The specifics must wait for the NG film which will air in the spring on PBS. Directly following this I met up with Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker for a go at the Shark's Fin on Meru. This thing pushed us to the edge of our ability to suffer and survive.. 19 Days on the wall w/10 days of food, 3 guys in a 2 person portaledge, an 8 day storm, daily frostnip, 5 hr belays, spindrift, hauling, and wild trench-ware!!!! Check out the video Chronicles here As for now, I'm still hobbling from the frostbite and taking it easy it Crested Butte. Thanks for checking it! ~REO