Renan + Taylor

Passion and creative growth for me is about the collaborations I do with friends and loved ones. My relationship with Taylor has evolved into a creative partnership and we take on a number of adventure films together every year, such as Alex Honnold free soloing his hardest big wall yet in Mexico “El Sendero Luminoso", my long term personal 'Sanctity of Space' Alaska film, National Geographic Expedition to Burma, and the Coldest Crossing - an unsupported ski across Iceland in winter - most recently.

Taylor’s background focuses more in the environmental and humanitarian spheres, so she brings a lot of depth and context to the adventures we have been lucky to take together. Looking forward to the future, we are hoping to take this creative partnership into humanitarian issues that we feel connected to and tell stories that inspire us and that matter.

Taylor Rees

Filmmaker, Adventurer, Environmentalist.

Taylor is a photo journalist and filmmaker, driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and tell the stories beneath the surface. Her passion for adventure infuses into her work around environmental and humanitarian issues, an intersection of worlds she believes needs critical thinking and heart. She works to bring new perspectives and deeper public understanding to challenging topics such as climate change, energy, and water. Her photo journalism in these fields has centered around natural resource conflicts in Alaska, Greenland, the desert SouthWest and throughout the Rocky Mountains. She served as the Program Director of the Yale Environmental Film Festival and holds a Masters degree from the Yale School of Forestry. In the Press : NY Times, February 2016Outside Magazine, September 2015Adventure Journal, July 2013

In the Press :

NY Times, February 2016

Outside Magazine, September 2015

Adventure Journal, July 2013

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