"Gather / Native Food Systems" is more than a film; it's a journey into the resilience, heritage, and future of Native American communities through the intimate lens of food. The project struck a chord with us from the onset. As the Director of Photography, the gravity of my role wasn't lost on me. We understood that we were capturing more than just imagery; we were entrusted with visualizing a culture's history, struggles, and hopes for the future.

Spanning six reservations, each with its unique challenges and triumphs, the journey was nothing short of enlightening. From ancestral fishing techniques to modern-day sustainable farming practices, we were witness to a profound revolution happening at the grassroots level. The narrative highlighted not just the food itself, but the remarkable people who are reclaiming their history and shaping their future one meal, one tradition, at a time.

Our challenge lay in distilling the essence of each community's story into visual language, aiming to do justice to the profound oral histories, the sacred rituals, and the life-sustaining landscapes that have nourished these communities for generations. Working alongside local leaders, activists, and families, we were granted access to their worlds in a deeply personal way.

Gather is not just a film for Native Americans, but a poignant message to the world at large. It stands as a testament to the power of community, heritage, and the human spirit, while shedding light on the often overlooked issue of food sovereignty among Native peoples. This is particularly timely in a world grappling with climate change and dwindling natural resources.

Beyond the screen, the project has a mission—to promote awareness and raise support for Native food systems and projects, offering a sustainable path forward for these communities. Our hope is that the film resonates not just as a documentary but as a call to action. The true reward comes in knowing that the film has the potential to nurture real change, empowering Native American communities to reclaim their food systems, their traditions, and ultimately, their future.

The honor of being a part of "Gather / Native Food Systems" is immeasurable, and the wisdom we've gained from this experience profoundly shapes how we view the intersections of food, culture, and sustainability. We believe that the stories we've captured will serve as both a historical record and a catalyst for future generations, inspiring a renewed commitment to preserving the rich tapestry of Native American food systems.