When we set out for Ten Sleep, WY, I thought we were just creating another broadcast commercial. But what unfolded was so much more—a genuine, heartwarming portrait of the Carter family. Working with Scott Ballew, YETI's incredibly talented in-house director, injected this project with a certain soulfulness that I hadn't felt in a while.

I've collaborated with YETI on films and commercials for nearly a decade, but there was something about this one that stood out. It wasn't just special; it was personal. It was as if we weren't just capturing moments but becoming a part of them, delving into the love and warmth that makes a family, well, a family.

This project reaffirmed the power of storytelling for me, showing that even a commercial can transcend its format to capture something real, something human. I'm grateful for experiences like this that remind me why I got into filmmaking in the first place—to tell stories that resonate, that matter, that touch the heart.