When Wieden+Kennedy approached us with the grand vision for "Corona Natural," I knew we were in for something epic. Co-directing this broadcast TV commercial with Eric Crosland, who was also handling DP duties with me, the adventure took us all the way to Costa Rica, right in the midst of a pandemic's shoulder season.

The weather we encountered was unlike anything the region had seen in six years—relentless and unforgiving. But we pressed on. What drove us was more than just the aim to get the perfect shot; it was an unwavering dedication to craft something truly extraordinary.

We weren't just capturing images; we were connecting the beauty of natural lines within the landscape to the iconic Corona bottle. What emerged was a mesmerizing Instagram carousel-like experience that didn't just grab attention—it captivated the imagination.

Looking back, it's easy to focus on the challenges—the harsh weather, the logistical hurdles, the sheer unpredictability of it all. But what really stands out for me is the pride we all felt when we finally saw the end product. We'd created something special, not in spite of the challenges but because of them.