"From Kurils with Love" was an expedition unlike any other, taking us into the mystical terrains and fragile ecosystems of the Kuril Island chain, off the coast of Far Eastern Russia. What began as a routine mission quickly transformed into an odyssey of discovery, thanks to the unforeseen volcanic eruption that made us rethink our entire approach.

Joining us in this adventure was Russian biologist Dr. Vladimir Burkanov—a man whose passion for the Earth and its ecosystems was palpable from the moment we met him. Working alongside Dr. Burkanov gave us unparalleled insights into the Kuril Islands' unique biodiversity. As we navigated our way amidst sea lions, volcanic landscapes, and other natural wonders, the journey evolved into a story not just about the environment, but also about hope, resilience, and the possibility of coexistence.

From the chaos of sea lion colonies to moments of almost spiritual serenity, capturing the beauty of the Kuril Islands was an exercise in contrasts. These visual extremes served to highlight the region's vulnerability and the urgent need for its protection. But what struck us most profoundly was the sense of optimism Dr. Burkanov exuded—a hope born from decades of studying and advocating for these sacred lands. He truly is a warrior for the Earth, and his spirit colored our entire experience.

Produced in partnership with Tomorrow Unlocked and Kaspersky Labs, the film sought to open eyes and hearts to a part of the world that, despite its natural beauty, remains largely unexplored and underappreciated. Beyond the spectacle of untamed landscapes, "From Kurils with Love" carries an urgent message: that even in the most remote corners of our planet, there are stories of hope, ecosystems worth protecting, and individuals dedicating their lives to conservation.

The experience profoundly impacted our team, imbuing us with a renewed commitment to storytelling that goes beyond aesthetic appeal to encompass education and advocacy. "From Kurils with Love" is more than a film—it's a plea for collective action and a homage to the individuals and communities fighting tirelessly for the survival of our planet. It’s a film that speaks to the essence of hope and the incredible resilience of both nature and humanity.

“All my life I tried to bring attention to the Kuril Islands, it’s only people who can destroy it quickly, or they can protect it.”  - Vladimir Burkanov