"Moonwalk" emerged not merely as a film or a project, but as an ethereal tribute to a friendship that transcended the mortal coil. Our mission was poignant: to honor a fallen friend in the surreal desert landscapes surrounding Moab, Utah. 

The COVID-19 pandemic created a backdrop of uncertainty, intensifying the weight of our endeavor. Yet it also provided a canvas of solitude upon which we would paint our celestial tribute. For months, we traced the intricate ballet of heavenly bodies, meticulously aligning their movements to capture that one perfect, irreplaceable moment. The notion that the heavens would eventually align for us became more than a theoretical possibility; it became a promise—tinged with hope, longing, and the specter of grief.

Andy, our fearless free-solo slack liner, embodied the very essence of this expedition: a synthesis of vulnerability and audacity. As he tread the delicate line between earth and sky, we felt as if we were capturing something far greater than a stunning visual: we were preserving a fragment of the human soul. The final shot, a sublime orchestration of timing, light, and raw emotion, materialized in the viewfinder like an ephemeral miracle.

When that image came to life, the palpable sense of joy was overwhelming, yet tinged with the bittersweet reality that our fallen friend couldn't physically share this moment with us. But in that instant, we all felt a spiritual presence, a validation from beyond that we had done right by our friend's memory.

The ultimate reward of "Moonwalk" isn't confined to the frame. It resides in the emotional odyssey that led us to that monumental shot, a journey steeped in camaraderie, contemplation, and a heightened appreciation for the fragile beauty of existence. It's a tribute not just to our friend but to the indomitable human spirit that seeks to find meaning, even in the face of insurmountable loss. The images we captured are but a snapshot of this profound experience, an experience that will forever be imprinted upon our hearts.