When we first set our sights on Iceland, we knew we were in for a challenge. What we didn't expect was to face down the country's most ferocious storm in a quarter-century. The question hanging over us was simple yet ominous: Is this mission even feasible? But let's be honest; it was precisely this level of extremity that drew us in.

Adventures like these are defined by the challenges they present—challenges that were in no short supply. From getting caught in an avalanche that seemed almost eager to claim us, to drone mishaps that left us with more than a couple of bruises, we took some hits. But it's the willingness to suffer for your craft that separates the mundane from the extraordinary.

And then there was the surfing, if you can call what we did in those numbing waters "surfing." Every wave was a battle, not just against the sea but also against the bone-chilling cold. But it's precisely those trials that strip away the non-essentials, leaving you face-to-face with the pure, awe-inspiring beauty of nature—in this case, the Arctic in all its frozen majesty.

So yes, we suffered. But from that suffering came something sublime: a chance to witness and capture a part of our world that few dare to explore. The Arctic’s beauty isn’t just in its landscapes but in its sheer relentlessness, a quality that, ironically, we had to match to get this project off the ground. It was worth every shiver, every bruise, and every moment of doubt.